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Liftking launches 2 new product lines

Liftking Manufacturing, North America’s leading rough terrain forklift, special mission vehicle and material handling manufacturer, has introduced a new Electric Forklift and a new Multi-loader.

The Liftking LK135EL electric forklift has been engineered from the ground up to provide high capacity in a small footprint. This tough, compact model has a capacity of 13,500 lbs. in the same amount of space as a typical 12,000 lb. model.

Features of the LK135EL include: excellent maneuverability, Dual AC drive motors with high tractive force, full electronic and speed steering control, hydraulic over electric function controls, high capacity 80V battery and easy access maintenance points to keep you up and running.

The LK135EL can be operated inside a standard ISO container making loading/unloading smooth and efficient. It can stack rolls of paper up to 3 high while many others max out at 2. Various attachments and options make this model ideal for the paper, port, automotive, lumber, steel and food and beverage industry applications.


The Liftking ML series of 4-way multi-loaders boasts capacities ranging from 6,000 lbs. to 22,000 lbs. and lifts from 12 – 24 feet. Each unit has all-wheel drive, all-wheel steer and all-wheel brakes. Other features include: a hydrostatic drive system, a torsion resistant frame and ergonomically designed operator’s compartment.

Use the ML series equipment as an aisle truck, traditional forklift and sideloader. Ideal for handling long or normal loads that have to move from inside/outside, on and off racks and narrow aisles and doorways. Options include light packages, spreader carriages up to 30 inches for outer forks and guide rollers for specialty applications.

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Liftking acquires Omega Lift IP

November 2nd, 2016

Liftking Manufacturing Corp has acquired all of the intellectual property and product assets of failed manufacturer Omega Lift, headquartered in Bolton, Ontario, Canada.
The intellectual property purchased include Omega Lift's patents and patents pending as well as all of the associated designs for Omega Lift all-terrain forklifts, ARM telehandlers and multiloaders.
"As a continuation of Liftking's global support network in the rough-terrain forklift field, we are pleased to announce that we have purchased all of the intellectual property of the Omega line of materials handling equipment so we can assist all customers and dealers with all parts, service and sales support for all units out in the field," says Mark Aldrovandi, director of sales at Liftking.
The associated intellectual property acquired will further Liftking Manufacturing’s existing portfolio of construction and rough-terrain materials handling solutions to provide their customers with greater long-term productivity benefits.
Liftking is not revealing what it paid for the assets of the bankrupt manufacturer that was liquidated in September, owing more than CAD10 million.
It is not yet clear when the Omega models will return to production.
Liftking general manager Jeff Cockerton tells Forkliftaction News that the company intends to support existing Omega customers with parts and service. "Timing will depend on how quickly we can work through the information we have purchased," he says.
Liftking will also contact Omega dealers once it has reviewed the assets it has purchased and works out "how we can help them", he adds.


LANCO , a multi-facetted, privately held company is proud to announce the acquisition of Manitex Liftking

October 5th, 2016

Lanco, a multi-facetted, privately held company is proud to announce the acquisition of Manitex Liftking.


Rough Terrain Forklift Testing to Military Specifications

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Liftking is a North American manufacturer of a complete line of Rough Terrain Forklifts and Special Mission Oriented Vehicles, as well as other Specialized Carriers, Heavy Material Handling Transporters and Steel Mill Equipment.

In business since 1968 and with a dedicated workforce of 100 employees, Liftking has been manufacturing Rough Terrain Forklifts and other Material Handling Equipment for commercial and military applications for over 45 years.

Liftking has over 8,000 units operating worldwide with more than 170 Dealer Locations that sell and service Liftking products around the globe. Liftking has proven over the years it can compete on quality, specifications, ergonomics, price and delivery in the Material Handling field.